Can You Jump On A Free Throw?

The simplest answer is that yes you can unless you do not break any rules. You must have seen young players jumping while shooting and many consider it the right way. However, if you play basketball regularly, you will realize that it is indeed a difficult way to score.

Can You Jump On A Free Throw?

Nevertheless, Who wants to destroy a free shot? It puts you in the limelight if done right, and provides a free score. However, there is a chance that you might ruin your free throw in basketball. This is by jumping on a free throw and crossing the line. 

The debate surrounding jumping during a free throw has been around since the inception of basketball and everyone has contradicting views. After a lot of research, we have brought you this post to help you understand the peculiarities of the sport and settle this debate for yourself. 

What Is A Free Throw In Basketball?

As the name suggests, a free throw is awarded to the other team when one team makes a foul. So, how long do you have to shoot a free throw? It is not like you are going to have several minutes to make a throw. The player is only given10 seconds for a free throw. During this time, he has to control the ball as well as shoot the shot. Therefore, when throwing a free throw, the player needs to work very tactically and save time. 

What Is A Free Throw In Basketball?

When Free throws Are Awarded in Basketball?

A free throw can ultimately lead to a win. It is more like a penalty to the opposing team for making a foul move. It is not necessary that only one free throw is awarded. If the opposing team fouls a player while they are making a 3-point shot, then the player is awarded 3 free throws and can score points. 

When Free throws Are Awarded

Another free throw rule followed is that if the opposing team makes 6 fouls, the other team is awarded one on one free throws. This means that if they score in the first free throw, they will get another one too. Moreover, if there are 10 fouls in a half, then two free throws are awarded to the opposing team. 

Reasons For Jumping During Free Throws in Basketball

Every player has a different playing strategy and bodily strength and so they play accordingly. There might be several reasons for a player to jump while making free throws. We have come across several reasons and listed them. 

Reasons For Jumping During Free Throws in Basketball
  • They feel more confident if they jump during free throws
  • They have more power over the ball if they make a free throw while jumping
  • They have been jumping while doing free throws since the start and now it has become a habit
  • Jumping while free throwing provides better power to the legs

Do’s And Don’ts Of Jumping During Free Throws

As already mentioned, jumping during free throws is not illegal at all. Even if you ask, can NBA players jump on free throws? The answer is, yes they surely can unless they do not break any free throw rule. From afar, it sure looks like jumping adds strength to the free throw. So if you want to do it, do it right. Let’s see what you should and shouldn’t do while making a free throw. 

Do’s Of A Free Throw

  • Make sure you have practiced the free throw well
  • Do not rush, take the whole 10 seconds, there is no hurry
  • Stand away from the line so that even when you jump, you do not cross it
  • Focus on the rim to make sure you throw perfectly
  • Maintain your balance before throwing the ball

Don’ts Of A Free Throw

To make sure that you do not lose your chance of free throw, it is better to do it by staying within the rules. It is quite possible that jumping on a free throw works better for you. So, what you shouldn’t do while jumping during a free throw?

  • Do not cross the marked line
  • Do not go for it if your legs are exhausted
  • If you want to make a free throw, do not imitate another player’s movement

Is It Possible To Make A Free Throw Without Jumping?

Is It Possible To Make A Free Throw Without Jumping?
  1. Making a free throw without jumping is entirely possible. In most cases, it is better to free throw without jumping. There is less chance of losing balance and crossing any boundaries. 
  2. Practice from the very start. When you start playing basketball, it is good to practice a free throw without jumping. This will make it a habit and you will be able to free throw easily without even jeopardizing the chance.
  3. Build your bodily strength. Having good strength will help you make good shots without even jumping.
  4.  Play regularly. Playing regularly will make you perfect in the game.
  5. Work on your throws
  6. Develop a technique

Pros Of Making Free Throws Without Jumping

There is no right method to free throws and every method is correct if you do not make any violations. However, there must be some advantages to making free throws without jumping. That is why everyone prefers to do it. Some of the straightforward benefits are discussed below.

  • There is a very meager chance of violation
  • It will improve your accuracy
  • It will improve your arm’s strength for all games

Closing Remarks

Losing your shot in a free throw can lead to losing the game ultimately. Therefore, it is better to do it following all the rules and regulations. Jumping on a free throw is not illegal but there is a very high number of violations. Ultimately, either practice jumping free throws very well or just go with the easy way of making free throws without jumping. 


Yes, it is legal. However, it is accepted as long as you do not violate any rules. Here violation means crossing the line on the basketball court. If you do not overstep that line, then you may make all the free throws while jumping. 

Yes, if you make any violation during the free throw, then you lose your chance at it. Therefore, when making a free throw make sure you follow all the rules and take your chance perfectly.

For a free throw, the total time is 10 seconds. It is not just for throwing the ball. The stopwatch starts once the ball comes into the player’s hands and they have to shoot their shot within 10 seconds. 

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