The Hardest Position in Basketball? Explained

Basketball is a game of 5 players on each team. Every team member has to take a particular place on the court. That’s why there are five positions on the court where players stand. Among these five positions, the captain of the team stands in the toughest position to increase the overall morale of his team and balance the game. 

The Hardest Position in Basketball? Explained

If you are a newbie and wondering what is the hardest position in basketball then the answer is the guard position. We have discussed in detail here why this position is most difficult and how to perform well in this position. Before that, let me explain what the “position” on the court means. 

Position In Basketball

Basketball is an organized game that comes with specific positions for the players on the court. These posts in basketball are assigned positions where players stand and perform their specific roles. These position roles are discussed below

Basket ball Court Positions

1. Point Guard 

Point guard is the main position in a basketball team as the point guard is going to lead his team towards the goal. That’s why he or she is the captain of the team and has special skills of ball handling, dribbling, and higher knowledge of the game. As the point guard is in charge of building plays and is generally the one who brings the ball over the line, therefore, he or she must possess great leadership skills. 

2. Shooting Guard

The shooting guard is going to make shots in court from behind the 3-point line. That’s why he or she must be able to throw balls from a distance. He or she should also be a great ball handler if the shooting guard is not in their proper position to shoot then he or she can take their time while handling the ball and shoot the ball once they restore their proper position. Moreover, during defense, the shooting guard needs to be vigilant and quick to stop the opposing team to make goals. 

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3. Small Forward

Small forward also known as the ‘3’ position on the basketball court is the most dynamic position in the arena. They may be seen all around the court, taking power guard or shooting guard positions when needed. They must make close shots, drive to the basket, and hit three-pointers. 

4. Power forward

Power forward has roles somewhat similar to centers. During offense, they face their back towards the basket and help their teammates to make goals by blocking opponents. In addition, during defense, they play just beneath the hoop and prevent the goals of tall players by making defensive rebounds, and defending the rim. 

5. Center

The center is the tallest player, and he or she plays near the hoop. On offense, the center attempts to score on close shots while also retrieving rebounds. During the defense, he or she blocks opponents to make goals. 

Toughest Position On Court: Point Guard

Among basketball positions, the point guard is the toughest position to take on basketball. That’s why only team captains stand at point guard. They require special technique, energy, and training to lead their team and guide them towards scoring a goal. They have to assess every defense and offense and then make a quick decision and pass the ball. They are also the best dribblers on the team. 

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Role Of A Player At Point Guard

The player standing at point guard is the captain of the team and has the following responsibilities. 

  • During Offense, point guards guide the team while holding the ball and checking that all the team members are at their particular positions. If the players are not at their positions, then the team can lose a goal easily. 
  • During the defense, the point guard checks that no error is made by the team member so the team may succeed in stopping the ball. 
  • Make scores when required. 
  • Start the offense. 
  • He or she has to be the best passer and dribbler.
  • In charge of the whole team. 

Skills Required For A Point Guard

Standing at a point guard position among all basketball positions is the toughest. That’s why a player on the point guard has to perform the most difficult tasks. He or she has the responsibility of directing their team during offense and defense and should be able to score from the farthest place and hold the ball tightly.

Point Guard

Moreover, to be a competent point guard, you need to be proficient in the following skills. 

1. Ball Handling

The point guard should clearly see the other nine players and notice their moves, including their own team. They have only 8 seconds to decide which move they should take. If point guards can’t handle the ball well and dribble properly, then they can lose the ball easily during the offense. That’s why the ball-handling skills are the first and foremost to learn if you are going to be a point guard. 

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2. Shrewd Passer

A point guard must value each and every pass. As a result, they must be on time and make the pass on the exact target while recognizing the hot hand. To become a great passer, point guards must practice passing drills, and they can then become great post-feeder.

3. 3-Point Shooter

When the game becomes tough, point guards have to score for their team as well. That’s why they need to be an efficient shooter and proficient in shooting 3-pointers. The scores they make help their team to take off pressure or stress built up on the court. 

4. High Basketball Intelligence 

As the point guard is dictating their whole team on the court, that’s why they must have great basketball intelligence and should know defense movement. This knowledge will help point guards to make quick and wise decisions and develop an instant strategy on how and from where to score. 

5. Give Preference To Team

team play

The point guard should be selfless and work as a team. They must consider the goal of their teammate is the goal of the whole team. If the point guard is concerned about their own stats then the team can easily lose the match. That’s why whenever the point guard got the ball possession, they should prioritize their team instead of thinking about how to make a goal on their own. Because no matter who scores, the winner will be the whole team in the end.  

6. Great Defender

The competent point guard can control the game in any situation. That’s why they are great defenders as well. They act as a stand-by defender in half-court and become vexing for the opposing team in the full-court. 

7. Mentally Strong

Point guards need to be mentally tough and manage their team by thinking positively and constructively in real bad situations as well. They know when they have to make free throws to balance the scores and restore their team’s confidence. They should also understand that their team might expect fouls in late-game situations. 

Moreover, point guards should be able to handle pressure and accept the challenges from their opponent and strategize wisely for it. They should also accept criticism from their coaches positively. If they get distracted or lose their focus for a bit then they may lose the whole match. 

8. Physically Tough

The point guard needs to be physically active and agile. He or she should have strong motor skills for fast dribbling, passing, shooting, and defending. They are going to face hard times from defenders but should be able to make a goal without losing their balance or getting hit by opponents. They should have high endurance as well to bear the physical pain on the court. 

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Final Thoughts

The hardest position on the basketball court is guard point, that’s why the captain of the team stands here. Point guard players need to be selfless and guide their team vigilantly while being the best dribbler and passer also. They should also make shots when required and try to relieve the pressure build-up during the match. 


The Point guard has to lead his team while passing and dribbling the ball and maintain their teammate’s position as well. They need to be a 3-point shooter for scoring shots for their team. They shouldn’t focus on their own scores but pass the ball to others to make goals. 

Point guards should score 8-12 points during offense and 9-11 from shooting guards. They can score more if required to win the game. 

It’s ok if the point guard is not making a score because the primary purpose of the point guard is to guide and assist the team to make scores. 

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