How Many Periods Are In Basketball – In Depth Guide

Basketball is one of the most growing and developing games globally these days. Now, it plays on the international level as NBA and domestic. And most people play this game for fun and health development. On that note, beginners who join basketball to become professionals ask many questions about basketball rules.  

The most asked question these days is how many periods are in basketball. So let’s have a little elaboration on periods as follow.

How Many Periods Are In Basketball – In Depth Guide

What is the meaning of period in basketball?

A period in basketball is basically a block of time. It is divided into quarters which means basketball has four blocks of time. All of those four blocks are of the same timing. Every schema and class have different rounds of periods with different timing, which we will completely discuss in this article.

In basketball, the most famous play is NBA; on that note, let’s head to the period’s elaboration of NBA basketball.

  • How many periods in basketball NBA game?

As usual, the NBA basketball play has four quarters or periods. But the time of each period is 12 minutes, and it remains the same with every period. But, it doesn’t mean that the period will end after 12 minutes in reality. In NBA matches, we have seen that the clock pauses in events.

As an illustration, the game will pause when any of the two teams call for a timeout. Consequently, the game will be continued from the paused time after the breather.

  • How many periods in basketball college game?

In NCAA college basketball games, we have four periods, each with a ten-minute time. And the rule offers a two-minute interval between the first and second periods. At the same time, there is another two-minute interval provided to both teams for refreshment according to the rule.

So the total match time becomes forty minutes without counting the intervals. But, many times, we have seen that both teams remain tied with the score after the completion time and can’t get a result. That is not a problem because, according to the rule, teams can continue to play with overtime periods.

Every overtime period lasts 5 minutes each, and there is no limit of over periods unless one team scores a goal. 

  • How many periods in basketball high school game?

A basketball game in high school consists of four periods, and each period has eight minutes in it. So the total timing length of the match is 32 minutes when playing in a high school. In case of a tie, the rules are the same alike college basketball games.

The overtime period also consists of 5 minutes until a team scores a goal to finish the game.

  • How many periods in basketball middle school game?

Middle school basketball is a little shorter in period than others. Each period of a middle school basketball game has 6 minutes in total. So the total time of the match, including all periods, becomes 24 minutes, excluding the extras. While over time, timeouts, halftime, and clock stoppages can raise the match time to one hour.

  • How many periods in women’s college basketball game?

The NCAA women’s basketball game relates to the college, similar to the men’s college basketball. It has four quarters or periods, which consist of 10 minutes in each. The other rules regarding overtime, pause, and timeout are completely the same as men’s college basketball.

What about the halftime break?

One of the most extended breaks is the halftime break in basketball. The duration and timing of this break remain the same in every tournament. The halftime break will last 15 minutes whether you are playing in NBA basketball or the NCCA basketball tournament.

Mainly, this time uses for refreshment and relaxation after a tough play. At this time, all the players normally sit and relax the whole time. Where the coaches come up and re-evaluate the previous period’s playing. Also, they discuss the whole scenario and synchronize the ideas with the players.

On the whole, they discuss the strategies for the rest of the match in this longest halftime break.

What is an overtime period?

As we have discussed above in the period section, the overtime of the NCAA and NBA is the same. Even in the middle school basketball game, the overtime period remains the same. And the rule of using overtime is is the same in every basketball scenario. So the overtime period of basketball is 5 minutes.

Overtime is applicable in the case if both of the teams tie with the score. And it goes until one of both teams points a leading score to get the match. You can say that the overtime is used for the plenty score between two teams after the tie.

When To Take A Timeout in Basketball

How many times out in basketball game?

Time out is known as a little break for refreshment. In NBA, the national basketball association, every team is allowed to take seven timeouts in one match. The biggest flexibility of these timeouts is that you can substitute them at any time in any period. Plus, the usage of those seven timeouts can be consecutive as well.  

On the other hand, if the match is tied and the teams are using overtime periods. Then every team is allowed to take two timeouts in a single match. Further on, each timeout in NBA play has 75 seconds, and they remain the same with every timeout.

How Many Minutes Are There In A NBA Basketball Game?


NBA game has four 12-minute quarters will play during a regulation game, totaling 48 minutes. The overtime period lasts five minutes.

NBA games can last anywhere between two and three hours. In addition to team timeouts, the clock stops for substitutions, replay reviews, shooting fouls, TV breaks for commercials, halftime, breathers, and other interruptions. Games last about 2.5 hours on average.

Thirty-two minutes is the average length of a high school basketball game. There are four eight-minute periods. Halftime occurs between the end of the second period and the beginning of the third period.

Final thoughts:

Here is the full detail on how many periods are in basketball. All the rules and signature themes we elaborate completely in this article. Newbies and beginners have to read it if they are looking for genuine information. It will help you to know all the mechanisms of rounds, periods, and other pauses in basketball.

Consequently, you can go to the basketball court with better strategy and techniques with knowing all the period rules.

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