How To Deflate A Basketball – Most Safest Deflation Methods

Inflating the basketball is the only important thing to initiate playing basketball. But, if you see it from another angle, you will understand that keeping the ball inflated all the time is not effective at all. It can get punctured, soften, or burst at any time, and reduce its portability. So, that’s why it needs to be deflated after playing.

How to deflate a basketball? You can deflate a basketball by simply making an inflation needle wet at the tip and inserting it into the air valve of the basketball. After that, let the air escape from the ball until it flattens. This is the easiest way to deflate a basketball.

How To Deflate A Basketball – Most Safest Deflation Methods

Further in this article, you will learn about the deflation of a basketball in detail. You will understand that it carries the utmost importance in protecting the basketball. So, read till the end to know.

Why do you need to deflate a basketball?

Various reasons for deflating a basketball vary from person to person’s mentality. But, the most common reasons that causes in deflating the basketball are;

A video guide for deflating a basketball with the down coat.

Basketball is overinflated:

Playing with an overinflated basketball could be extremely difficult. For example, you can not predict the past trajectory, there are more chances of losing control of the ball, or you could lower the chances of scoring goals. These are the major hardships faced by players playing with an overinflated basketball. So, it would help if you deflated your basketball before playing concerning the atmosphere of the environment.

For transport and storage purposes:

How to deflate a basketball for travel? Carrying an inflated basketball around with you while on transport could be a burden. Your bag or anything you are using to carry the ball will be bigger and will prove to be a hindrance for you and other people around. Also, it could occupy more of your storage space unnecessarily. So, deflating a basketball during idle time is necessary.

Measure the pressure of the basketball before deflation

You should always measure the internal pressure of your basketball to avoid any rupture or leak in the ball while deflating it. For example, the ideal pressure is around 7 to 9 Psi. So measuring the ball pressure can be effective if you don’t lose the ball pressure in deflation process. But, on the other hand, there is a high chance that you will either burst the ball or make a leak in the air valve of the basketball that was overinflated. So, always watch out for that.

List of 4 effective methods to deflate a basketball

To deflate your basketball safely and effectively, you will need to follow the specific methods necessary for the deflation process of basketball. Otherwise, you could inflict potential damage on your basketball. So, follow the steps of the following methods, and you will be good to go;

Method 1: Use an Inflation needle:

Using an inflation needle is one of the easiest methods to deflate a basketball. Below are the steps you need to follow to deflate a basketball with the help of an inflation needle.


Moisten the tip of the inflation needle with any moisture like water, oil, etc.


Now, insert the inflation needle into the air valve of the basketball and let the air inside escape.


Lastly, remove the inflation needle from the air valve of the basketball carefully. If you do it rapidly and suddenly, it could damage the air valve of the basketball, restricting you from filling or removing air from it in the future.

Method 2: Without the use of inflation needle:

If you ever thought how to deflate a basketball without a needle, you can also use long thin materials like a piece of stick or a needle to deflate a basketball. But, again, to do it safely, you need to follow these steps;


Make the long thin material tip wet with any moisture-containing substance like water or oil.


Carefully insert the tip of the material into the air valve of the basketball, but never let it apply pressure on the sides of the air valve. It could make your basketball worthless by just damaging its air valve. After insertion, let the air escape.


Get the material out of the air valve of the basketball carefully. So you will have a nice flattened basketball.

Method 3: Use an air pressure gauge:

Using an air pressure gauge is similar to using other methods. But, there is only one other thing: checking the pressure of the air escaping from the basketball. So, follow these steps and you’ll learn how to deflate a basketball without a pump using an air pressure gauge.


Moisten the tip of the air pressure gauge with a liquid like water or oil.


Insert the tip of the air pressure gauge into the air valve of the basketball and let the air escape out.


Now, keep an eye on the pressure gauge and don’t let the pressure pass 8 Psi, or the ball will weaken from inside or could rupture in the worst-case scenario.


Lastly, when all the air has left the basketball, remove the air pressure gauge from the basketball carefully without damaging the basketball.

Method 4: Put basketball in a fridge:

If you do not have any equipment available you may wonder how to completely deflate a basketball. Still, here is another way; you can use the refrigerator at your home. For this, follow these small steps;


Clean your ball thoroughly with a cloth or towel to get rid of dirt.


Take a piece of cloth and wrap it around your basketball. After that, you can place the ball in the refrigerator.


Take the ball out of the refrigerator after a couple of hours, and it will be deflated.

This method is only effective for a temporary period because the fridge deflates the ball by reducing the air pressure. Still, when exposed to a warmer environment again, it will inflate. So, keep that in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can deflate a basketball with the help of a paperclip. For that, you will need to make it long and as thin as possible. You can even dismantle it to give it a needle-like shape. After that, insert it into the air valve of the basketball and let the air escape out. You now have a deflated basketball.

To deflate a never-flat basketball, pull the black rubber cap enough to bend it. After that, you will see a hole in it. Now, you can use a needle or anything like that to remove the air from the basketball.

The only basketballs that can be damaged by deflating are any leather or synthetic basketballs because they will form internal cracks. But, you can deflate a rubber basketball free of danger.


I hope now you have got an idea about how to deflate a basketball quickly. Deflating a basketball is extremely easy, and you can do it yourself. It can prove pretty useful to you when you are worried about taking it someplace with you, or you are thinking about the consequences you could face while playing with an overinflated basketball. So, make sure to learn them because you never know when you will need to use them.

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