Outdoor Vs Indoor Basketball? Differences You Need to Know

The Main difference between indoor Vs outdoor basketball is that indoor balls are more grippy as they are used on wooden courts, whereas outdoor basketball emphasizes strength and durability.

Outdoor Vs Indoor Basketball?  Differences You Need to Know

Comparison Between Outdoor Vs Indoor Basketball

Basketball games are held on two main types of courts: outdoor and indoor. Both courts require different materials for balls. The type of ground you play on will have a significant impact on the nature of your game.

You must understand the difference between indoor and outdoor basketball courts as well as the suitable balls for each. This knowledge will assist you in determining which court is the best place to begin your practice. Let’s look at the distinctions between the two.

Comparison Between Outdoor Vs Indoor Basketball


The outdoor courts are made of asphalt or polymeric rubber and are more robust. Asphalt courts are more durable and can resist severe weather. However, if players fall on this surface, they may get an injury to their joints or knees.

Therefore, resilient basketball is required on outdoor hard courts. Basketballs designed for outdoor use are made of rubber or composite material, which is a mix of diverse materials such as leather and PVC. These materials give the ball its strength, resilience, and lightness. As a result, outdoor balls can withstand the rigors of outdoor courts and continue to function for longer periods of time.

Acrylic, PU, or hardwood surfaces are used for indoor basketball courts. These materials have a high capability for shock absorption. Furthermore, if the players fall on the court, they will not suffer major injuries.

Moreover,  the indoor balls are made of full-grain leather or synthetic leather. This material aids in the weighting and consistency of the ball, allowing it to perform well on indoor courts. These balls have a gripping surface that prevents the from slipping from the players’ hands. 

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In terms of durability, you must utilize the appropriate basketball on the appropriate courts. Then these balls will be able to last a long time. If you use an indoor leather basketball on an outdoor court, for example, the ball will rip apart in an hour. The reason for this is that this leather ball will not resist the harshness of an outdoor court.

In the same way, if an outside basketball is used indoors, it will slip more and perform poorly. So, if you’re wondering if outdoor basketballs can be used indoors then the answer is yes. However, you will need to deflate the outdoor balls slightly to make them less bouncy.

Furthermore, both indoor and outdoor basketball require maintenance. If you keep your outdoor basketball outside in harsh weather, it will quickly wear out.


Outdoor basketballs are significantly less expensive than indoor balls. The reason for this is that these balls are composed of low-cost materials. Indoor basketballs, on the other hand, are more expensive because they are constructed of leather. An outdoor basketball may be purchased for under $20, while an indoor basketball can be purchased for under $100. 


Indoor basketballs are designed to execute a high level of performance. With indoor balls, players can easily maintain the needed balance because the ball is sticky and constant. As a result, the majority of international competitions are held indoors.

The outdoor balls, on the other hand, have a less gripping texture. They are lighter than indoor balls and have a higher bounce. Additionally, their unique construction ensures the ball gets less dirty.  However, with each passing day, the consistency of these balls deteriorates.


The outdoor basketballs are ready to be used. All you have to do is order an outdoor ball and bring it onto the court. Indoor basketballs, on the other hand, must be cracked in before being used in a game. You’ll need to put in some practice time with it and learn to manage the ball. The reason for this is that leather indoor basketballs are more consistent and less bouncy than their plastic counterparts. In comparison to outdoor balls, they are also somewhat heavy. As a result, you must prepare your hands to handle the ball.

Which Basketball Is Suitable For You?

Let me tell you about my first experience of buying a basketball. I was so excited that I went out and purchased a high-end indoor basketball for my training. My blunder was that I took that basketball outside and practiced all over the place. As a result, the ball does not last a week.

So, before you go out and get a basketball, you should figure out what you need. It is preferable to purchase an outdoor basketball if you are purchasing a basketball for the first time. As a result, you can practice dunking or smashing at any local basketball park or on your garage hoop.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you can upgrade to the more expensive basketballs for your games. 


On different courts, indoor and outdoor basketballs perform differently. Indoor basketballs are more expensive and require more upkeep, whereas outdoor basketballs require less maintenance and are cheap. As a result, outdoor basketball is advised for beginners. They can go to the more expensive ones for their indoor matches and competitions if they have mastered the basics and become professionals. 


When compared to practicing on an indoor court with an expensive ball, practicing outside with a cheap ball is ideal. There is no need to worry about a lack of room, a certain location, or an expensive budget – you can practice outside no matter where you are.

Spalding, Wilson, Molten, and Nike are some of the most well-known basketball brands. These brands offer high-quality basketballs for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Basketball can be dangerous to play outside. If you fall on the concrete or asphalt court, your knees or elbows may be severely injured. Therefore, you must wear protective equipment when playing. 

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