What Does And 1 Mean in Basketball?

Most of the time, we hear players trying to score and draw contact simultaneously. And then, they hear a whistle as soon as the ball goes into the net, they yell and one. If you have just recently jumped into basketball and don’t know what this term means, we have got you covered. 

What Does And 1 Mean in Basketball?

So, what does and 1 mean? And how exactly does it change the game? This blog is an in-depth guide on what is and 1 in basketball, when it is used, and much more. 

Let’s dive in!

What Is And 1 In Basketball?

“And 1” is used to explain the situation when a player is awarded a free throw after they attempt to make a basket while an opposing defender fouls them. And one happens when:

  • An attempt is made by the player to make two or three field goals to score a basket 
  • defensive foul called by the referee 
  • An announcer yells “And-1” after a successful field goal 
  • Free throws are awarded to the player
  • The “And-1″ attempt is successful following a free throw by the player.

How is And 1 Used In Basketball?

Let’s move on to how basketball and one are used. You may have heard players shouting and 1 before even making a basket to enhance their confidence. This is not how it works. What makes and 1 happens is quite interesting. 

How is And 1 Used In Basketball

If the player makes a basket and the referee calls a foul on the defender of the opposing team during the shot, then not only does the basket count, but also the player is given a free shot or throw. Fascinating, isn’t it?

An interesting thing to know about it is that even if a foul is called, but the player did not make the basket, then he will not be given a free throw. Moreover, the foul called on the defender is mostly due to the unnecessary physical contact between the players.

The Origin Of And 1

When you hear the announcers saying 1, you might wonder about the roots of this term. Sadly, there is no particular origin of the term, and 1. But one thing is for sure it came out in the early 90s or even before that. 

You might be thinking, how am I so sure? There is also an American brand AND1, famous for specializing in basketball shoes, which has been working since 1993.

Why Is It Called And 1?

Although the phrase “and 1” sounds fantastic, why is it named such? The name of this phrase has no supporting evidence or rationale. According to popular belief, And-1 is named because the attacking player scores a basket and receives a free shot.

How To Make And 1 Move Successfully?

Making a perfect basketball and one move isn’t a piece of cake. Imagine you are in the middle of the game, got fouled by the defender, and now you aim for a successful basket to get a free throw. Sounds difficult? Of course, it is, but we are here to help. Following are the factors that will help you make a powerful and 1 move. 

How To Make And 1 Move Successfully?

1. Strength

As this move gives you a free chance to score, obviously, you do not want to waste this golden move. It demands more strength because you have to make a basket while being fouled.

Suppose you have to make an and 1 move after struggling in court for more than twenty minutes. Would you be able to do it? Only a player with great endurance can do so.

Practicing is the key to winning this game. It will allow you to attain a better and higher level of fitness. Additionally, your skills and abilities will also be improved. 

Moreover, basketball drills will help you last longer on the court. Start practicing more because if you are already drained, you cannot make a powerful and 1 move.

2. Practice, And Perfection

Shooting an accurate shot in basketball requires a lot of concentration. Your attempts won’t count if the ball doesn’t make it to the ring. To achieve precision and accuracy, it is particularly important to coordinate the movements of your hands and eyes. 

It might seem tricky, but once you learn to harmonize your body movement, you can easily make a basket. Keep in mind that even minimal body movement can help you or keep you from making a basket!

Also, you need to stay focused despite the opponents trying to distract you. I know it is difficult as the player is surrounded by the opponents. But remember that concentration matters a lot here.

3. Persistence

Last but not least, the factor that matters the most is persistence. If you have enough strength and accuracy but no determination, then you cannot succeed in your attempts. No wonder it is true. If you do not succeed in the first attempt, then it is totally fine. 

Players sometimes get emotionally triggered in the court and lose hope, but the key is to stay committed. Playing basketball is all about trying and staying persistent.

Best And 1 NBA players

National Basketball Association, commonly known as NBA, is a professional basketball league in North America, comprising 30 teams. Every NBA player is known for their distinct abilities. Some of the players, majorly known for making the most powerful and 1 basketball moves, are mentioned below:

Best And 1 NBA players
  • Jamal Crawford — “JC” has been playing the leagues for 23 seasons and has accomplished a multitude of successful and 1s.
  • JJ Redick —  is the shooting guard having several and-1 plays that have been successful during his time in the NBA.
  • Reggie Miller — Miller accomplished many incredible basketball achievements throughout his 18-year NBA career, including being one of the few players to consistently make and-1 attempts.
  • Kobe Bryant — The Black Mamba of the NBA, passed away in January 2020 in a helicopter crash. His achievements include having many successful basketballs and one attempt.

What is 2 Pointer

When a player shoots the basketball goal within the 3-point arch, he scores two points. This is known as a 2 pointer. However, you need to remember that the same situation does not apply when the player shoots for a foul standing on the free-throw line. 

3-Point Play

3-point play occurs when a basketball player makes a 2-point field goal and is fouled simultaneously. As a result, the player scores one point on the free throw. 

4-Point Plays, Is It Ultimate And one?

An extremely rare but cool event that is part of basketball is a 4-point play. So, how does it happen? The 4-point play is a result of when the offensive player throws the ball and achieves a three-point field goal and is fouled — both at once or an intentional or flagrant foul on a two-point field goal results in two free throws.

Some popular basketball players with the most 4-point plays are Jamal Crawford with 47 4-point plays, followed by JJ Redick with 25 and Reggie Miller with 23. 

Final Thoughts

It is not wrong to say making a successful basketball and one move is quite testing. It requires a lot of strength, accuracy, and persistence to make a basket while the defender incurs a foul. 

To put this pre-going discussion, in a nutshell, we can say that one fortunate and 1 basketball move can entirely change the game in your favor.

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