What is a Rebound in Basketball? Types of Rebound Explained

Basketball isn’t always about shooting right into the net. Instead, it also relies on how the player behaves when the shot is missed and a chance of rebound is created. 

What is a Rebound in Basketball? Types of Rebound Explained

So, what does rebounding mean in basketball? When an offensive team member misses a goal after the ball has touched the rim, backboard, or both, and the ball goes in the hands of the same team or defensive team member, it creates a rebounding opportunity. 

The player who currently has the ball after the other player missed the ball can try for another goal, which in turn will increase their score. 

This might sound easy, but in reality, it depends on a variety of factors. How can other team members or I rebound? What are the types of rebounds in basketball? Is rebounding in basketball necessary?

Below is an in-depth guide to address your queries. 

Types Of Rebounding

Now, when you know the rebound definition, let’s move toward the types of rebounding. There are two types of rebounds: offensive and defensive. Here is what happens:

Types Of Rebounding
  • Total rebounds are calculated after adding both defensive and offensive rebounds. 
  • Both types of rebounds are calculated individually as a fraction of total rebounds.

To make it even easier, we have explained in depth both ways of rebounding. 

Offensive Rebounds

Moving on towards the first and less common way of rebounding, Offensive rebound. 

Here is how it works:

  1. A player from the offensive team misses a free throw, or a goal after the ball hits the rim, backboard or both
  2. The ball goes into the hands of the same team member
  3. The team member who gets the ball can either try a goal himself, do a layout, or pass to the one who previously missed a shot since that player will be standing near the basket

Grabbing an offensive rebound is easier for the person who just missed the goal since he is standing near the basket and can grab the ball as soon as it bounces back. 

However, grabbing offensive rebounds is difficult and demands skill and intense practice. If your team has less time left. However, if you are lucky enough to get an offensive rebound, it will reward you by resetting your clock. You need to remember that the clock isn’t reset if an offensive rebound happens after the ball touches the backboard only. 

An offensive rebound is a big plus if your team is losing since it will help you jump score on the scoreboard. 

Defensive Rebounds

Defensive rebounds, comparatively, is a more common rebounding way. 

Here is how it works:

  1. This time, instead of the offensive team, the defensive team gets hold of the ball after it bounces back without making a goal. 
  2. If the defensive team member who has the ball gets a good position between the opponent and the basket, there are hard chances that the player will grab a defensive rebound. 

Defensive rebounds can be a tough practice if the game is near to the end, with your team being above the other on the scoreboard. If the offense misses a goal and you, in defense, get your hands on it, you can pass, dribble it, and handle it to get time off. 

When the game is near the end and the defensive team fouls the ones on offense, the clock stops. 

What Is A Rebound Foul?

When a member of any of the teams tries to get the ball and commits a foul during it, it is known as a rebounding foul. One of the most common types is known as a loose ball foul. A loose ball foul happens when someone pushes the opponent away while the opponent is trying to get the ball. 

What Is A Rebound Foul?

What Is Box Out?

Box out is the protective rebounding position of a player that helps to avoid the other player to score the goal. Not only this, box out also gives the chance of scoring in case of missed shot to the one standing a protective position.

Importance of Rebounding In Basketball

Keep in mind that good rebounders can help your team win. This is because they are a bonus chance to score once again (in case of an offensive rebound). Although defensive rebounds are an easier and more common way of rebounding, with skill and tough practice, you can become a master of offensive rebounds too.

As a defense team, you can use your skills to make the other team try a bad shot. This will help you grab the rebounds of basketball and score for your own team. Let me explain. The offensive team missing a shot can only be a good sign if the other team rebounds the shot. Else, it is of no use. 

Positions For Rebounding 

Two positions that have hard chances of getting rebounds in basketball are center and power forward. The reason is that they are closer to the basket. This position makes the situation more favorable to them, allowing them to score goals

. Guards, on the other hand, stand a little away and are not ideal positions for rebounds. Team leaders usually appoint tall people for center and power-forward positions. 

The Best Rebounders To Date

In history, we have witnessed some of the great rebounders of basketball whose games we can never forget. Some of them include:

Wilt Chamberlain

  • #1 in NBA’s history
  • 23,924 total rebounds recorded
  • The highest number of rebounds in one game is 55 (average one per minute)

Bill Russell

  • 21,000+ total rebounds were recorded in 956 games.
  • The highest number of rebounds in one game is 51

Make Yourself A Great Rebounder!

A few factors are always linked to being a good rebounder: being tall, strong, and able to jump high. However, these factors contribute significantly to making a good rebounder, since relying completely on these is definitely not a good idea. 

Make Yourself A Great Rebounder!

Other factors include skills such as time management, anticipation, and high energy. You can get these skills by practicing a lot. 

In What Year Did Rebounding Become Part Of The NBA? 

During 1950-1951, the NBA started to count rebounds. However, the defensive and offensive were calculated separately from 1973 to 1974. 

Final Words

Some people still don’t consider rebounds in basketball to be as important as crazy shots by players. But in reality, it requires way more skill, practice, and an athletic body to become a successful rebounder. Besides, rebounding plays a great role in making matches interesting and leading a team towards success. 

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