What Is Goaltending In Basketball – A to Z Info

Goal tending is one of the most challenging and thrilling moves in basketball gaming. It can be a game-changing turn up for you since you block the other side’s point. Many beginners are asking what is goaltending in basketball; thus, we are bringing an article to elaborate on it.

What Is Goaltending In Basketball – A to Z Info

Goaltending results from badly timed jumps in which leaping earlier and late are the main problems. Offensively, goaltending may nullify putback-changing dunks with momentum change. So if you lack goaltending restriction, let’s move to the discussion so that you can learn goaltending better.

What is goaltending in basketball and How does the goaltending rule work?

Goaltending is an infraction that happens when a player blocks the ball or the goal that can get in. Often it happens when a defender blocks the ball when it is coming in a downward flight position. Also, it occurs when a player touches the ball when it is on the rim or above it.

Goaltending has been a difficult call throughout the first day at all levels in an official game. It has been a controversial break in games where players have seen many fights. Hence, let’s learn about its rule and precaution to come to the right place every time.

Why is Goaltending not Allowed in Basketball?

Like dribbling, goaltending is one of the most competitive moves, making the game more thrilling. Also, it looks aesthetic to the spectators and viewers. Let’s elaborate on goaltending with considering other rules of basketball.

  • Dribbling:

Dribbling is used to slow down the fastest players of possession. It requires ball movement and offensive technique for the application.

  • Fouls:

Fouls are added in basketball to enable free movements of the players, and it provides a better opportunity to score a stunning point.

  • Shot clock

A shot clock is used to enforce a faster pace in play. It is required for the game’s entirety, which requires both offensive and defensive strategies.

And we have seen the same matter in the goaltending rule. The goaltending move allows the defender to block shots that are going all the way in basketball. Also, the offensive players threw the misled shot with the help of goaltending earlier. All of those reasons make it forbidden in basketball.

What is Offensive Goaltending in Basketball?

Offensive players can also commit a goaltending penalty known as offensive goaltend. It often happens when an offensive player moves the rim in a downward position so that the ball can get into the hoop. In this case, the goaltending team doesn’t receive the point, and they lose the ball’s possession.

What is Goaltending Violation in Basketball?

A goaltending violation is all about interrupting or restricting the ball when it is on the way to the basket. It can be when the ball is in a downward position above the rim of the basketball. Either it can happen when the ball is in the imaginary cylinder without touching the rim.

What is the Penalty for Goaltending in Basketball?

Goaltending is a move that both offensive and defensive players commit. Thus, the punishment depends on who has performed this goaltending move. Where defensive goaltending is way too wider than offensive goaltending. So let’s discuss the penalty rule of goaltending in basketball.

It all depends on the location from where you shoot the ball. When players goaltend the basketball in a defensive player scenario, the other opponent team gets the point. On the other hand, goaltending the ball under the three-point line will get you two points for the offense.

Furthermore, if you goaltend the shot behind the line, it will give three points. On the other side of the box score, the shooter gets credit for points, and a made field goal. Plus, a defensive goaltending penalty can work in case of a player gets a foul call. 

Also, if your team fellow fouls the shooter and you block the ball while it is coming downward. Then it will be a goaltending violation. With that happening, the other teams get a field goal attempt point and a free throw from that distance. Goaltending is always compatible, even if the foul call begins. 

In addition, the foul if a defensive player tries to commit goaltending. Then a foul is assessed to the other team to promote the violation rule of goaltending move. Goaltending is one that is applicable after the referee has sounded the buzzer.

For example, the defender blocks the ball after buzzer time when the shooter delivers it. It would be a goaltending move that is fully restricted in basketball games internationally. 

What is NBA Goaltending?

Goaltending occurs in many ways, and all of these are written below according to the NBA rule of goaltending. And these scenarios are all written below.

  • In case you touch the ball when it is rolling over the rim and even if it touches the rim.
  • Touching the ball when your hand is in the rim or through the rim is a goaltend move.
  • If you touch the ball when it has a chance to score, including both downward and upward positions is also goaltending. 
  • Hanging on the net when the ball passes through is also goaltending.
  • Touching the ball when it is above the rim
  • Touching the ball when it is in the imaginary cylinder.


The block shot is applicable for the defender as long as the ball is not above the height of the rim. And it is also applicable till the ball falls toward the rim. While the goaltending happens when the defender tries to block shots and when they don’t get the ball quickly.

Goal tending has no link with the backboard. Thus hitting the backboard is neither a goal tend nor a point awarding move. Hence, playing basketball with an interfering backboard will not affect your points table.


Goaltending is illegal and not acceptable in any scenario. All of the precautions and rules are written in this article. Learning all these rules will help you land on the basketball court with a better strategy. So the players who are asking what is goaltending in basketball can read this for better info.

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